TEDxYouth@ZaimovPark: CTR+N

The event: On 13th January in the National Music School “Lyubomir Pipkov”, the youth forum TEDxYouth@ZaimovPark will take place, organized by a group of students from First English Language School, Galabov Gymnasium German School and the National High School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences.
The aim: To inspire the audience, to encourage people to think critically, to show them new concepts and perspectives.
The inspiration: In the summer, the main organizer, Natalia Tsenova, got hooked on TED talks and, inspired by the TEDx event of the American College, expressed her wish for something similar to be organized to a bunch of friends.
The organization: In order for a TEDx event to take place, the organizers must obtain from TED a special license, for which the TEDxYouth@ZaimovPark organizers waited for two entire months. Apart from that, they also struggled to come up with the name (TED didn’t like “Sredec” as it clearly wasn’t a real neighborhood in Sofia), to establish a connection with the speakers (“as I was speaking with Rado [Radoslav Mirchev], I was in an arcade and he was abroad- we were constantly losing the connection”) and to make sure that all of the speakers would follow the rules (Tchavdar Nikolov from Pras-Pres insisted on educating the audience who from the government and how wronged us, which goes directly against the TED rules about political topics in the speeches).
The name: Through the „Youth“ format they aim to inspire the adolescent part of society. The theme of the event is CTRL+N: “when typed into the keyboard a new page appears, which is what we want to develop in the minds of our audience”.
The speakers: Speeches will be carried out by

  • Radoslav Mirchev, founder of two of the most popular venues in Sofia- “Bar Petuk” and “Mixtape 5”
  • Daniela Sadikova and Boyana Kotseva, founders of “ParaKids”, an organization, which offers specialized services and equipment to disabled or obese children
  • Nikolay Neykov, on of the founders of “Bulgarian Debates Association”
  • Eric Halsey – an American, who decided to stay in Bulgaria and introduce to the world our history, by sharing it on his podcast
  • Asya Rusanova, founder of the “Door for Everyone” foundation, which deals with supporting young people, who come from or live in orphanages
  • Nasko Stamenov, a chemistry teacher in the National High School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, member of the club, which organize “Chemistry Night” annually
  • Kiril Nikolov, state champion in orienting, cross-country and mountain running, who holds the national record for the shortest time in completing the “Kom-Emine” trek.

Tickets: Tickets can be found online or bought directly from the organizers in their respective schools. More information can be found on the facebook page of the event .

Why go: The stories of the speakers will inspire and motivate you, as well as give you valuable life lessons (whether you want to or not) and will help you discover what you can do further on.

Yana Stoykova

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